Food packaging for sweets and dry products

Walki Westpak delivers high-quality flexible packaging materials for sweets and dry products – with vast experience.

The storage life of food products and their withstanding of transportation is influenced greatly by the quality of packaging. The packaging materials that are used are also crucial in terms of the food products’ hygiene. All of Walki Westpak’s products are made of raw materials that have been approved as food-safe.

Walki Westpak’s high-quality print quality ensures impressive and selling packaging. In addition, it promotes the conveyance of information to consumers. All our packaging materials and films are available with and without prints. We also offer our customers the opportunity for flexible packaging films made of renewable raw materials.

We ensure the quality of our products and a smooth packaging process after the delivery of materials too. Post-monitoring is an essential part of our quality control. Walki Westpak’s technical service supports our customers throughout the delivery chain by helping with film- and packaging machine-related issues and ensuring the functionality of selected packaging solutions.

Optimal features

We customise the mechanical as well as seaming, tightness and appearance features in accordance with the customer’s needs. Our products are also available with other features, such as:

Optimaaliset ominaisuudet

Muokkaamme materiaalien mekaaniset sekä saumaus-, tiiveys- ja ulkonäköominaisuudet asiakkaan tarpeiden mukaisiksi. Tuotteisiimme on saatavilla myös muita ominaisuuksia, kuten:

  • peelability
  • resealability
  • opening solutions implemented with laser perforation
  • special effect prints

Sweet packaging – including ice-cream and chocolate

Walki Westpak offers packaging materials for all kinds of sweets. We also have a solution for the fast operating speeds of sweet packaging machines. We implement peelable, i.e. easily opened, gas-sealed, tight-seamed and resealable films. Laser perforation can be used to implement a tear line for sweet packaging, through which air cannot penetrate. The resealability of a film increases the product’s ease of use and consumer-friendliness.

Walki Westpak also produces films with a cold-seam feature. The process does not require heat, so packaging both chocolate and ice-cream is successful. Films produced for chocolate include a light protection feature. Our material selection also includes nut packaging.

Moisture protection dry product packaging

A barrier film is used in dry product packaging to prevent the penetration of moisture. Our packaging films are also available with anti-static features. Our films also have good seamability for powdered products.

Sweets or dry products lacking high-quality packaging? Ask for more information about our services from our staff.