Reliable operator

Westpak is now Walki Westpak. Westpak Oy Ab is a Finnish manufacturer of flexible packaging materials. The company was established in 2008, but our experience in the industry reaches a lot further. We have established our position with a flexible and customer-oriented operating model on Finland and export markets. The cornerstones of our value world are transparency, cooperation and responsibility.

  • Transparency. The company‚Äôs communications are open and honest. At the same time, it means that everyone can always share their own opinions, and everyone’s opinions are also valued.
  • Cooperation. We aim to always help each other in achieving a better work result. We openly share information and skills to ensure that the overall performance is as intact as possible.
  • Responsibility. Everyone has been appointed a personal area of responsibility and the necessary authorisations have been issued to carry out the work. This is based on the assumption that everyone wishes to be responsible for the results of their own work and feel pride for personal skills. The responsibility also entails environmental responsibility: taking the environment in to account is a key part of our everyday operations.

We operate with all stakeholder groups according to these values, both externally and internally. We invest in ensuring the continuous development of our operations.