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High quality. Reliable. Approachable. Environmentally friendly. We found that our service idea was best expressed with the following adjectives. We also stand behind our adjectives.

  1. High quality. High Resolution Printing® combines all the sub-areas of out printing process, in flexographic and digital printing: from high-quality planning to a high-quality end result. WESTPAK HRP® is the result of long-term development work. It enables us to offer a higher print quality than by means of traditional flexographic printing.
  2. Reliable. Both small and large food product manufacturers rely on us.
  3. Approachable. We are happy to answer any questions concerning our services, as well as non-essential ones too at our own discretion.
  4. Environmentally friendly. We customise packaging to be suitable for each intended use, as recyclable solutions and without overpackaging. We also offer packaging that is made with renewable raw materials.

Digital printing offered a foretaste at the Scanpack fair

The Scanpack fair, which is organised every three years, is one of the largest packaging industry fairs in the Nordic countries. In 2018, the event was organised at Gothenburg’s fair and congress centre. One of the fair exhibitionists was Visutech AB, which conveys HP products to the Nordic market, and at their fair department, the public received a sweet example of the possibilities that Walki Westpak’s digital printing offers.

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Technical serves – for the support of our customers

Our technical service offers a proposed solution for the choice of material and on the basis of the product’s characteristics. Technical service is involved from the start to finish of the process and also helps solve any challenges that may occur at the customer’s own packaging line.

EGP – Expanded Gamut Printing

EGP technology allows even bolder colours and an expanded colour space by using one to three additional tones in addition to the traditional four-colour series. The technology allows the implementation of SPOT colours with tones, which on one hand enables the reduction of the overall colour quantity.

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