WestECO – Films made of renewable raw materials

Westpak offers its customers an opportunity to use flexible packaging films that are made of renewable raw materials.

The raw material used in WestECO products is Green PE, which is made of sugar cane. The percentage of renewable raw materials depends on the structure of the film or laminate. Typically, it is between 40-80%. The quality and functionality of WestECO products is at the same high level as the films we have produced with traditional raw materials. WestECO solutions can be found for both upper and lower tracks, and for flow pack films.

We customise the films so that the packaging is optimal and fulfils its purpose in terms of both product protection and functionality. By choosing optimal solutions, we avoid unnecessary food waste and minimise the carbon footprint of the entire production chain. Top-quality prints enable the production of a selling packaging and the necessary product information can be conveyed to the consumer. This applies to packaging whether it is made of renewable or traditional raw materials.