Westpak took the first place in the international Flexography competition

Excellence in Flexography Awards held in New York in May was successful competition for Westpak, as it took the first place in the finals and got a special mention for the best work.

Westpak’s award-winning entry was the Leroy Torsk Lettsaltet flexible package, which was flexo-printed with the high resolution printing. The work was carried out in collaboration with the prepress house Marvaco with environmentally friendly process printing.

The winning entry is a great demonstration of the potential of high resolution printing: it enabled the execution of precise details of the work, which required clear drawing and contrast from light details to dark shadows. The praise was also earned from the several shades of light blue that were wonderfully executed in the work.

This year Excellence in Flexography Awards was held virtually for the first time. The prizes were awarded in six different series, of which Westpak competed in the Mid Web series. In addition to winning the series, Westpak picked up Best of the Show title.

The competition was organized by the Flexographic Technical Association. Westpak has previously entered the top spot competition in international competitions: the previous jackpot was at the 2017 FlexoTech Awards in England, where Westpak won the Supreme Awards.