Westpak develops with the circular economy in mind

A well-designed and optimal packaging fullfills its job to protect the packed product and performs well throughout the whole logistical chain. It is easy to use, informative, safe and also recyclable after use. Avoiding food spill with an optimal designed packaging is an important step to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the whole logistical chain

Less is more

An optimal packaging means that it is designed for the specific product with minimal use of resources. Westpak´s tailormade product solutions enable an optimal packaging and downgauging without compromising the properties of the packaging.

Making recycling easier

Multilayer constructions enable extremely resource effective solutions and giving the package needed properties with regards to barrier, sealability and runnability.

Westpak offers tailormade solutions based on Polyolefins (PE/PP), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PET) and Polyethylene (PE). These raw materials enable recycling with modern advanced technology. The required barrier properties will be achieved as with standard raw materials. Suitable solutions will be found in co-operation with the customer. The development of new raw materials is continuous and giving new opportunities. Also the development of the packaging machines is important to get new recyclable products on the market.

Renewable biobased raw materials

The WestpakECO product range offers the possibility to have renewable rawmaterials in laminates and thermoforming films. With these products the carbon footprint can be reduced without compromising the product properties compared to traditional fossile based solutions. The renewable part typically varies between 40-80% in the final package.