Packaging development ensured the quality of Sillikonttori’s packaging

New potatoes and herring are a classic summer combination, of which only the other part is available around the year. And if you are in search of Finnish processed herring for your plate, the choice is easy. Currently the only domestic herring processor is Suomen Sillikonttori Oy, which has processed high-quality Atlantic herring and Baltic herring products since 2016. The experience of the operators however roots back to the 1970s.

The most well-known products of Sillikonttori are soused herring fillets, lightly salted herring fillets and lightly salted whole herring. These fish delicacies have been packaged in vacuum films delivered by Walki Westpak, in which packaging development has played an important role. The cooperation between the companies has continued since the establishment of Sillikonttori.

Vacuum packaging that meets product requirements from Walki Westpak

The founders of Sillikonttori were already aware of Walki Westpak’s expertise as a manufacturer of vacuum films. The Säkylä-based company had already previously carried out comprehensive material tests and found optimal solutions for the packaging films of greasy fish. Therefore, it was obvious who the required service and expertise would be sought from. According to Sillikonttori’s Managing Director Ville Haapanen the packaging had to be saleable, representative and air-tight:

“Herring products are challenging to be packaged. Greasy fish and the marinating brine require a non-leaking seam on the films. Walki Westpak’s packaging development ensured appropriate seaming for our products. The overall entity is of high-quality in terms of appearance, print quality and air-tightness.”

Towards the future in an environmentally friendly manner

Sillikonttori has been extremely satisfied with Walki Westpak’s film solutions and service, but an entirely new inspiration rose when they heard that Walki Westpak also offered customers WestECO films that are made of renewable raw materials. Next, the companies shall turn their cooperation towards an even more responsible direction. According to Haapanen, the decision to introduce the innovation was easy to make:

“By the spring of 2019, we shall move to WestECO films entirely. We have already tested them with our products, and I can assure that their performance fully meets that of so-called traditional packaging films.”

The recyclability of products and more environmentally friendly material solutions are an increasing trend, and their significance is increasingly more important. Choices such as the WestECO films indicate for their part the responsibility of the company. Haapanen, Managing Director of the herring processor that is moving to use packaging material that utilise renewable raw materials, states that the cooperation between Sillikonttori and Walki Westpak is not only fruitful but will most likely improve with time:

“I consider the joint future of our companies to be extremely bright. Walki Westpak is at the peak of development in environmental issues. In addition, the fact that we are both domestic operators is an important and mutual subject of pride to both parties.

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