Food product packaging for Kivikylä’s favourite products

Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo Oy was established in 1992, and its products include sausages, frankfurters, meatballs, cold cuts and other meat products made of Finnish meat. Several familiar food product packaging found on shop shelves carry the Kivikylä name. Many of us have probably enjoyed, for example, the Huiluntuhti BBQ sausage, Palvari’s meatballs or Wanhanaika frankfurters.

Kivikylä relies on meat obtained from local farms in its products. The company also pays special attention to its packaging and prefers Finnish operators in them too. The packaging films’ manufacturer is found nearby, in the same province: Kotipalvaamo acquires the packing films for almost all its products from Säkylä-based Walki Westpak.

The best possible packaging for the best possible ham

Emphasis on locality has been worthwhile. Perhaps the best example on the power of regional cooperation is the product produced together by four companies in Satakunta, Kivikylä Kunkkukinkku ham. The same cured ham was selected as the best in Finland in 1995, and title-worthy packaging for the quality ham was created with cooperation between Kivikylä, Walki Westpak, Starcke and Fredman Group. The packaging printed by Walki Westpak by means of flexographic printing received international accreditation in Great Britain in the EFIA Print Awards Finals organised in 2015.

Walki Westpak was able to solve Kunkkukinkku’s packaging challenges, which involved the essential gas seal caused by the use of carton packaging and in terms of product shelf life. In addition, the packaging had to be easy to open. The implementation of a second cured ham product, Savumaukas cold cut, was also similar in terms of technical properties, although without the foil designed by Stracke and used in the Kunkkukinkku product. According to Kivikylä’s Managing Director Jari Laihonen the packaging of the previously mentioned cured ham products were a success:

“Kunkkukinkku and Savumaukaus are challenging to pack, but Walki Westpak succeeded excellently in its film solution, from their gas seal to seaming properties. The said products are proof of Westpak’s skills”.

“Walki Westpak is number one in its industry”

Cooperation between the companies has been open from the very beginning. Walki Westpak has also been involved in Kivikylä’s product development, and the meat company has appreciated the film manufacturer’s expertise as well as Walki Westpak’s approachability. According to Laihonen, the communications between the partners has been active and smooth-flowing at all stages of the packaging process, and Walki Westpak’s staff can always be reached:

“If there are any problems at our packaging lines, Walki Westpak’s personnel has come to clarify the situation at extremely short notice. They take matters seriously”.

The cooperation between the Satakunta-based companies has continued for several years. Flexible service and locality have been the centre focus of the partnership, as well as the fact that Walki Westpak has been able to meet all Kivikylä’s film needs from the very beginning. According to Laihonen, there is tough competition in the industry and there are several options. Tenders involved in business operations are occasionally carried out, but Kivikylä has still relied on the familiar film manufacturer time and time again:

“Even after tendering, we have still remained as Walki Westpak’s customer. I believe that this is excellent proof of the said company’s quality. To us, Walki Westpak is number one in its industry”

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